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Five Cat Design, Milwaukee, US, is the ultimate one-stop solution for all your design needs.

Hi, my name is Nicole Esche, graphic designer by profession and the founder of Five Cat Design.


At the very core, I am a creative individual who loves to positively impact the world around them. 


I always found myself interested in arts and design in one form or another. Eventually, it led me down a path of understanding art and how I can be a part of a group that can use their creativity to impact people. Early in college, I realized my passion for strong layout design, typography, and collage art. Most of my career has been spent perfecting various layouts in a functional, yet eye-catching design by choosing strong type and color options. In my spare time, I work on collage art intertwining it with other interests in my life.


Throughout the whole process, my love for art, design, and creative expression never dwindled.


Since the beginning of my graphic arts and design career, I have worked in numerous fields including restaurants, realtors, jewelers, magazines, authors, musicians, and insurance companies to provide design solutions that spoke to their target audience and amplified their businesses.


With extensive experience, in-depth knowledge, and a dependable skill set in my toolbox, I strive to provide my clients with graphic design solutions ranging from more detailed social media and branding solutions. These solutions are sure to elevate your business and demand a stronger brand awareness.

At Five Cat Design, my design process includes

  • Getting insights into what my clients want and the kind of people they want to reach through.

  • Fine-tuning designs based on client feedback and concerns.

  • Delivering the designs right on time and exactly how my clients want them.

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Big Ed Tri-Fold Outside


The other side of my design process includes getting in the minds of potential customers that my clients are interested in and creating captivating designs that are sure to get them interested. For me, creating design is much more than simply doing what clients ask; it is about understanding people’s behavior and what inspires and motivates them to do what they do.


Creativity is at the center stage of my studio, and I am a firm believer in creating designs that leave a mark on the minds and hearts of customers.


I believe that every business stands on certain values. With that in mind, I too have values that I live by:


to provide high-quality designs that resonate with the people and represent your business the right way.


How does it feel to see a design with mismatched colors, glaring fonts, and ugly themes? I’m sure everyone has experienced such designs at least once. Such designs significantly affect the prospects of your products and services negatively.


Just like lousy design can leave a bad taste, good design can inspire, motivate and move people.


Having the proper knowledge, experience, and creative flair, I can create designs for you that represent what you believe in while leaving a positive impact on your brand.


Digital and graphic design are no less than modern forms of art, and art has moved people and societies throughout history, and it might just do the same for your business!


I have worked far and wide in different capacities as a designer. This has made me capable of catering to clients with different needs and looking for different design solutions. I aspire to help my clients in such areas using modern and sophisticated methods, customer-driven insights, and a creative expression that is unique and personal.


No one knows your brand better than you! Tell your story and build brand clarity through visual representation. 


Engage your audience. With the right visual representation, your message will be broadcast with clarity. 


Investing in your branding is an investment in your future and will help you achieve your goals. 

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