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Shopping At One Of The Largest Cosignment Sales in the Midwest! Look At What I Found!

Welcome to "Fresh Finds by Five Cat Thrift," where we scour thrift stores and consignment shops for the best deals and hidden treasures. In this edition, we'll be taking a closer look at Divine Consign, a popular event in Waukesha, Wisconsin that runs from Wednesday to Saturday, offering a wide variety of items at half-off prices starting Thursday night.

On this trip, we visited Divine Consign twice, on Thursday night and Saturday, to take advantage of the great deals on offer. We found some amazing items, many of which we'll be sharing with you today. But first, let's talk about the event itself.

Divine Consign is definitely not an event to miss, whether you're in the Chicago area or up in North Wisconsin. They offer an incredible selection of items, ranging from clothing to home decor, and everything is half-off starting Thursday night through Saturday. We were particularly impressed with the selection of shoes available, as we found three tables of size 10 shoes, and even some size 13s.

As we browsed through the selection, we couldn't help but notice the lack of larger shoe sizes. It can be difficult to find shoes in size 11 or 11.5, and even if we did find a pair, the selection was usually limited. This has been a problem for us lately, as we've had to get rid of some of our favorite shoes and struggle to find replacements.

Despite the limited selection, we managed to find some amazing shoes at Divine Consign. One of our favorites was a pair of brown suede ankle boots, which we snagged for only $10. These boots are the perfect addition to any fall outfit, and we can't wait to wear them out.

Another great find was a pair of Adidas sneakers in a beautiful pastel pink color. We've been on the lookout for a cute pair of sneakers for a while now, and these fit the bill perfectly. They were only $12, a steal considering they're in excellent condition.

But shoes weren't the only thing we found at Divine Consign. We also came across a beautiful wooden end table, which we snagged for $25. The table has a unique shape and beautiful detailing, and we're excited to incorporate it into our home decor.

Overall, our trip to Divine Consign was a huge success. We found some amazing items at unbeatable prices, and we can't wait to go back in May for their next event. If you're in the area, we highly recommend checking out Divine Consign for yourself.

Thrifting can be a hit or miss, but there's always something exciting about the hunt for a unique piece of clothing. In this blog post, we'll take a look at someone's thrifting adventure, where they found unexpected fashion pieces and had fun conversations with fellow shoppers.

The author starts off by admitting that they splurged on a dress that they wouldn't have bought if not for their friend's persuasion. It was a tropical dress with a nice pattern and a high slit on the side. Although it was fast fashion with no brand, the author found it to be of decent quality and worth the $6.50 price tag.

The author also stumbled upon a black linen dress that was a perfect fit and had a split on the side. They were surprised to find that it was only five dollars, a

nd upon researching, discovered that the brand sold pretty well. The author then shared that the thrift store they visited restocked items throughout the week, so there's always a chance to find something new if you go back.

While trying on clothes, the author overheard two sisters chatting and ended up having a nice conversation with them. They also tried on a cool cropped leopard print jacket but unfortunately didn't fit. One of the sisters then handed the author a cheetah print shirt that fit perfectly and added some variety to their mostly black wardrobe.

As someone who loves thrifting, I understand the excitement that comes with finding a great deal on a piece of clothing. The thrill of the hunt can be addictive, but it can also lead to buying items that may not be the most practical or useful. This was the case with my recent purchase of a mock collar turtleneck.

I really gotta stop buying mock collar turtlenecks because they piss me off sometimes, but I absolutely love the pattern. It's super cute, and I love the detailing it has down here. It's just a really nice sweater, and it's really thick, heavy-duty, and warm. I think it's our age or our D style.

When I bought it, it was initially marked for $35, but after doing some research on the comps for used items on eBay, I realized I probably paid too much for it. I could have gotten it for half the price. Nonetheless, I was still happy with my purchase because I loved the design.

However, my love for thrifting and finding great deals doesn't always mean that I buy items to resell. Sometimes, I buy things purely for my own use. That's why I don't think I'll be listing any of these items for sale.

In fact, I'm planning on doing a closet purge soon because I have too many items that I'm never going to wear again. I went through a whole season where I was hopeful that I could wear these clothes next season, but that never happened. So, it's time to let them go.

While it's sad to part with some items, it's necessary to create space for new pieces that I'll actually wear. That's the beauty of thrifting - you can always find something new and exciting without breaking the bank.

Overall, my recent thrift store finds were mostly for me, and I'm excited to filter them back into my closet. Although I may need to resist the temptation to buy any more mock collar turtlenecks.

Thanks for joining us for another edition of Fresh Finds by Five Cat Thrift. Be sure to check out the links and information in the description for more information on Divine Consign and the items we found. Until next time!

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