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FiveCat Thrift Haul Video: Goodwill Bins in Sturtevant, Wisconsin

If you're a fan of thrifting, you know that the Goodwill bins can be a goldmine for finding hidden treasures. That's exactly what happened on my latest thrifting adventure with FiveCat Thrift! We visited the Goodwill bins in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, which is conveniently located between Chicago and Milwaukee. And let me tell you, we hit the jackpot!

One of the things that we love to collect is books. While we can't pick up every book that we come across, we managed to find a few great ones on this trip. My husband stumbled upon a really cool handbook of freshwater fishing, which we found out is worth around twenty dollars. It's a great find, and we might even give it to one of our fishing enthusiast friends as a gift. The book still had its original price tag of two dollars from the store!

I also picked up a Vanishing Prairie book, which is a Walt Disney book with some really cool illustrations. This book was actually a library book, but it's now out of circulation. Even if it's not worth anything, the cover alone is worth the purchase. It's incredibly cool!

Another childhood favorite of mine that we found was a Richard Scarry book. For those who don't know, Richard Scarry is an iconic children's author and illustrator. This book still had the library card inside, and it was checked out by a Stephanie twice! The room numbers were even written inside the book. It's a really cool piece to add to our collection.

During our thrift store adventure, we stumbled upon a collection of Richard Scarry books. We both loved reading these books as children, and we were thrilled to find them for our daughter. We plan on reading them to her as much as possible, and we hope that she will enjoy them as much as we did. We picked out "Slowly Worm" and "Huckle the Cat" as our favorites. For only a dollar, we knew that this find was definitely worth it.

One of the items that caught our eye was the "Library of Universal Knowledge." It's a fascinating book full of trivia facts, synonyms, and even instructions on how to draw a person or make pottery. We thought it would make a great addition to our future Airbnb upstairs, both as a decoration piece and something for guests to peruse. We could see ourselves picking up this book for a fun read ourselves. It was a steal for only a dollar.

We also found a Ferrari catalog full of beautiful cars that my wife thought was super cool. It was worth the dollar just for her to look through it. We also picked up a Polish book, "Wonderful Cities of Italy," and "Chicago" picture book, which we thought would be great decoration items for our Airbnb. We love exploring new places and cultures, so we thought these books would add some international flair to our space.

Lastly, we also found a French Connection shirt that we both loved. Unfortunately, it was a small size and didn't fit me, but my wife thought it was adorable and picked it up for a possible resale. The piece was in excellent condition and looked like it might even be made of wool.

Overall, our haul from the Goodwill bins in Sturtevant was a success. We found some great items that we're excited to add to our collection. If you're in the area, I highly recommend checking it out. Just be prepared to spend some time digging through the bins!

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