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Divine Cosign Thrift Haul

Welcome back to another edition of Fresh Pines by Five Cat Thrift! This week, we're going to talk about a consignment event that's near and dear to our hearts in Milwaukee. We've been going for almost four years now, and it's definitely worth checking out.

The event runs from Wednesday to Saturday, but on Thursday night, everything is half off. This is when we usually go, and we went twice this year! We found some great deals, and we can't wait to share them with you.

First off, we found these brand new Toms in a leopard print. They're extremely comfortable, and we're pretty sure that nobody ever wore them before. They were marked at $20, but we got them for just $6.25!

Next up, we found a Christensen crop jacket that we fell in love with. It's made of heavy-duty material, and it's super high-quality. We ended up splurging a bit on this one and spent $22.50, but it was totally worth it.

We also found a pair of Crocs slides that we know will sell well. They were marked at $16, but we got them for just $8. We plan to sell them to offset the cost of some of the other items we bought.

There was another item that was purchased to offset the cost, which was a Nike shirt turned into a Manchester United soccer team shirt. Soccer stuff can go for a decent amount of money, but the seller did not see many good comps on that one. Since it was a women's clothing event, it was rare to find men's items, although occasionally something is snuck in.

The next item purchased was a Bergdorf Goodman TSE cashmere silk blend sweater marked extremely low at $11, which was found at one of the seller's favorite thrift stores. The brand is known to be a good one, and the sweater is oversized, marked as a large. The seller tried it on and liked it but will consider listing it on eBay.

Ralph Lauren sweaters sell well for the seller, and this time the seller found two black sweaters with cool gold crust on them, one of which was priced insanely cheap at around $4.

The next item is a long plaid boho floral embroidered dress with tassels at the end, which the seller loved despite it being a bit out of their comfort zone. The seller tried it on and decided to keep it, even though it was a brand they hadn't heard of before, Ariana Silent Journey. The seller paid $8.50 for it, which was still a good deal even if it had been priced at $17.

Overall, this consignment event was a huge success, and we can't wait to go back next year. If you're in Milwaukee, we highly recommend checking it out!

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